Country: Albania

Sector OCSE/DAC: Agriculture (31120)

SDGs: Responsible Consumption and Production

Resources Allocated: €3.000.000,00

Type of Financing: Soft Loan

Executing Partner: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration – Albania

Other Partners:

  • Ciheam Bari
  • National Food Authority
  • Tirana University
  • Durazzo Research Institute (Virologia)
  • Vlore Technical Transfer Centre (CTT Valona)

Planned Conclusion: 2019

Expected Results:

  • Aligned the legal frame work of the olive oil sector to the Acquis Communitaire of the European Union
  • Sustained the public and private operators of the olive oil sector, to produce certified seeds and propagating material
  • Supported the olive growers, to improve quantity and quality of the primary product
  • Sustained producers of table olives and oil millers, to improve quantity and quality of the processed product
  • Fostered the marketing of table olives and olive oil at a national and international level


Degree of implementation