Country: Albania

Sector OCSE/DAC: Agriculture (31110)

SDGs: Responsible Consumption and Production

Resources Allocated: €638.600,00 (AICS: € 447.020,00; Regione Umbria: €191.580,00)

Type of Financing: Grant

Executing Partner: Regione Umbria

Other Partners:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Albania)
  • Municipality of Tirana
  • Municipality of Elbasan
  • Municipality of Koplick
  • University of Perugia
  • 3A Agri-food Technology Park of Umbria
  • SviluppUmbria

Planned Conclusion: 2019

Expected Results:

  • Shared good practises and delivered new agricultural technologies in the medical herbs and olive sectors
  • Introduced tracking systems and quality certifications in the areas of Elbasan and Malesi e Madhe in 10 industry leaders in Albania, in compliance with the EU standards
  • Sustained the rural development in the areas of Elbasan and Malesi e Madhe, through training and sharing of the leading approch
  • Prepared the dossiers for the recognition 3 albania products as PDO/PGI: Elbasan oil and olive, sage of Tarabosh


Degree of implementation