Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector OCSE/DAC: Education (11110)

SDGs: Quality Education

Resources Allocated: €1.146.619,79 (€1.328.957,81 AICS; €147.661,98 Save The Children)

Type of Financing: Grant

Executing Partner: Save The Children

Other Partners:

  • University of Bologna
  • Association Vesta Humanitarian Organization
  • Profectus Knowledge Center

Planned Conclusion: 2020

Expected Results:

  • The school system in the Municipality of Tuzla is improved, through the creation of two Centers for the Development of Educational and Social Inclusion Practices
  • The number of children with disabilities in the Municipality of Tuzla who access an inclusive quality school is increased
  • A stranger public awareness in the Municipality of Tuzla is promoted and spread on the importance of an inclusive education for all children


Degree of implementation