Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector OCSE/DAC: Site Preservation (41040)

SDGs: Life on land

Resources Allocated: €1.287.149,00 (€1.000.000,00 AICS; €237.149,00 UNDP; €50.000,00 Local partner)

Type of Financing: Grant

Executing Partner: UNDP

Other Partners:

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ministry of Tourism and Trade of Republika Srpska
  • Terra Dinarica – NGO
  • Natura 2000

Planned Conclusion: 2020

Expected Results:

  • Stimulated the growth of sustainable tourism and the economic development of local communities
  • Expanded infrastructure and services along the Via Dinarica
  • Mapping of paths, signage and connection to archaeological, natural and cultural sites
  • Improved accessibility and security of the Dinaric Way trails
  • Created new jobs
  • Strengthened the technical and management skills of local institutions


Degree of implementation