Doors of tomorrow

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has 50 ongoing projects in the Balkans, for a total amount of more then 250 millions euros. 39 projects in Albania, 10 projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1 project in Kosovo. Thanks to the many initiatives launched with funds from the IADSA Debt Swap Program, with the Credit Line for small and medium-sized businesses, with microcredits and minigrants, recent interventions go up to more than 600. Click here to find where we work and what we are doing. Since 1991, we cooperate with National Governments. Together, we got over the humanitarian emergencies. Together we are walking towards the European integration. Click here to browse the main results obtained. The Italian Cooperation is an open door to the future of local communities and the Balkan next generations.



The measure of a dream

Cooperation is change. Our projects improve the quality of life for communities, open new opportunities for individuals and share their dream of a better future. Every activity complies with clear indicators. The water treatment plant at Bovilla distributes potable water to hundreds of thousands of families and small and medium enterprises. The electrical substations Tirana 1 and Tirana 2 deliver energy to the airport Mother Teresa, to schools, hospitals, emergencies, shopping centers and private apartments. Click here to find out more. Behind each one of our numbers, there are persons. Every Cooperation project is a new life project for women and men, girls and boys from the Balkans, Italy and Europe.



Side by side, on the path to Europe

Sustainable development means working for the communities of people. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation fosters a 360° progress of the Country Systems of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. It contributes to their European integration. Along with the National Governments, it promotes employment and economic growth, human resources development, enhancement of environmental and cultural heritage. It’s strongly committed to broaden and ensure equal access to public services for everyone, protect human rights and promote peace throughout the region. It does so by three main financial instruments: grants, soft loans and debt swap. These instruments ease social development and democratic Institutions stability. They open up the field for next generations and, at the same time, promote the Italian System, with its institutional, entrepreneurial and scientific excellences. The more Balkans grow, the stabler Europe is.



Culture of dialogue

The values underlying the new Italian Cooperation Law 125/2014, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union are forwarded and strengthened by dialogue. Persons siding persons. Experts and executives of the Italian Cooperation in the Balkans work everyday with the National Governments representatives to encourage and support the sustainability of social development. The constant, open and transparent institutional dialogue allows effective identification, plan and completion of every project for the stability of the local communities and for their real growth.



Task Force of peace and development

The Italian Cooperation in the Balkans promotes exchanges among Country Systems. The sustainable development of the local communities arises from a shared planning and implementation, in compliance with the rules. The Italian Cooperation works everyday, along with the National Institutions and the citizens, to define goals and projects, from new infrastructures to better public services, from the protection of human rights to the enhancement of cultural and environmental heritage. It gives technical assistance to the Governments and promotes the Italian excellences. Italian System means new technology, stronger protection of the weakest, anticorruption activities, vocational trainings, granting credit, gender equality, school and work inclusion. It’s a tough task, result oriented. Click here to find out the main success of the Italian Cooperation in the Balkans.



The unitive walls

Too many divisive walls have been planned and built recently throughout the International context. In spite of them, the Italian Cooperation in the Balkans builds unitive walls. They are the ones of new schools, hospitals, laboratories, bridges, only to mention some of them. They are walls that get local communities closer to European standards of social integration and successful coexistence. Far from the illusion to grow through isolation, Italy builds in the Balkans shared and stable spaces of dialogue, peace and sustainable development.



Future’s embrace

The Cooperation is protection of the civil society and the human, natural and cultural resources. They are the most important sources of sustainable development. In The Balkans, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has promoted and supported them since its first activities in 1991, during the humanitarian emergency. Today, it keeps on supporting and promoting human rights, gender equality, safeguard of children and women victim of abuses. In addition to that, it sustains many activities for the protection of biodiversity and the enhancement of cultural heritage. It’s the Italian idea of protection: preserve historical and human values to create new opportunities for the local communities and the next generations.



The community of change

Italy works in the Balkans side by side with the international community. Many multilateral projects have been completed. New important activities are ongoing or under planning in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation works together with the United Nations and the European Union in tens of projects, to fight corruption, support the judicial reform in Albania, facilitate good governance, protect human rights, enhance natural and cultural heritage. Economic growth isn’t enough. Sustainable development is achievable only through the safeguard of human beings and the values of peace and social justice. Italy and the international community in the Balkans share and promote them. Shoulder to shoulder.



None left behind

None will be left behind. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in the Balkans works on the ground to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030 and improve the quality of life of local communities and individuals. Poverty, exclusion and indifference are the main causes of underdevelopment and socio-economic fragility. The Italian Cooperation is strongly engaged in fighting them and will keep on presiding the sustainable development of the Balkan region, from schools to hospitals, from public Institutions to the private sector. Hopes alone can’t create a better future. Italy works to give certainties to the communities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and unite them in a common perspective of peace.