It’s a great story of friendship and dialogue. The Italian Development Cooperation System has been in Albania since 1991. In three decades of activities, the Italian Government has allocated more then 800 million euros for the sustainable development and the advancement of human rights. Many results have been achieved, working side by side with the National Institutions. We have planned and built schools, roads, hospitals, bridges, ports, electric stations, water treatment plants.

Together we contribute everyday to improve the quality of life of the people, strengthen democratic institutions and promote a better international public image of the country. Along with the National Government, we’ve realized not only new infrastructures. We’ve sustained protection of human rights, enhancement of the natural heritage, reforms to prevent corruption and tax evasion, growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, organic agriculture, healthcare, education and tourism.

It is an overall plan that has a positive impact on the whole Albanian population. The nearness between Albania and Italy is not only geographic. It is human, technical and institutional. On the path walked together, Albania has grown. Italy and Europe have. Every Cooperation project is an open door to a shared better future of peace, stability and sustainable development.


The Doors of Tomorrow event was promoted with an advertising campaign that stretched to outdoor and online. A big display at Skënderbej Square, was anticipated by a teaser action against all walls that hinder dialogue and development. Here is the Teaser video.


The opening event was held on Wednesday, 1 November 2017. Participants were Deputy Prime Minister Senida Mesi, the Minister of Diaspora, former Albanian Prime Minister Pandeli Majko and many personalities from the Albanian government and the international community. The guests were welcomed by Italian Ambassador Alberto Cutillo and Nino Merola, Representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in the Western Balkans. Here are the photos of the event. Follow our Instagram page for more details.


Here is the photo gallery with the works of the exhibition opened on November 1st. Find out more information here.


7 Side Events broadcast in Live Streaming complete Doors of Tomorrow. 7 appointments to describe future results and prospects in the major fields of Cooperation between Italy and Albania.