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Interlink Disaster Risk Management

In partnership with all relevant government counterparts, disaster response strategic capacity assessment and roadmap are developed etc.

Protect – Product Technologies and Traceability in Albania

Shared good practises and delivered new agricultural technologies in the medical herbs and olive sectors, Introduced tracking systems and quality certifications in the areas of Elbasan and Malesi e Madhe in 10 industry leaders in Albania, in compliance with the EU standards etc.

Zana e Maleve: Youth and Territory

Employment opportunities, especially for young people, diversified and extended through the support to family-run businesses and agrotourism services etc.

Promotion of Fiscal Transparency

Supported the Albanian Government in the adoption and implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information on financial accounts for tax purposes etc.

Urban Suburbs of Tirana

Redeveloped the urban suburbs of Lapraka in Tirana; Designed, supervised and executed works for new water, sewage and road networks etc.